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Automotive Control System
Application Engineering 

Systems engineering and control system calibration

Motion Control System Application

We are specialists in vehicle motion control systems.

Providing automotive consultation, software and control system engineering, calibration and development driving services to OEM clients throughout the UK since 2009.

Our team has extensive experience of engine, transmission, torque vectoring and chassis control systems.

We build results driven relationships with our clients.

Our flexible, collaborative approach allows us to provide short-term and long-term engineering support anywhere in the world.

Data Driven Application

System calibration based on objective data and simulation modelling

Systems Engineering

Holistic, interdisciplinary approach to systems engineering

Calibration Version Control

Calibration data management, tools and  quality systems to ensure data integrity

Attribute Definition

Characterising customer requirements to set objective performance targets

Comprehensive Customer

  • Speed of Delivery - Highly skilled team ready to deploy on projects immediately (no time lag from project approval to delivery due to training requirements).

  • Focused – Our results focused approach allows your team to utilise their time and expertise to achieve their core deliverables.

  • Flexibility – Our service delivers excellent value as you can deploy our resource as and when you need and do not have to carry the cost year round.

  • Expertise – We can help define your project parameters if you are moving into new sectors and technologies.

  • Value – Our methodologies and processes mean that projects are delivered effectively and efficiently, keeping costs to a minimum.

  • Independent – Having independent involvement assures peer review and creates an additional layer of oversight.

ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified for engineering design and development that conforms with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Quality and information security management systems in place to ensure consistent, reliable and fit for purpose solutions and maintain the highest levels of service.

ISO 9001/27001 Quality & Information Security Assurance

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