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Our Mission

BGE Automotive is committed to a more sustainable future for the automotive industry. 

Reducing emissions from vehicles is key to ensuring a future for generations to come. 

We are providers of control system solutions to accelerate the move to net carbon zero.

Our People

Here at BGE Automotive we realise that people are the most valuable asset.

Working with our clients to not only understand the technical challenges, but taking our time to understand the culture and ensuring that we put the right person in the right place to support them.

There is nothing arbitrary about our people process. From recruitment and benefits to ongoing training and skills development we are truly investors in our people.

BGE Automotive is built around 5 core principles.

  • Accountability

  • Equality

  • Trust

  • Integrity

  • Collaboration

Our flat structure and our strong, personal dynamic means that our entire team is empowered to ensure that these 5 pillars are at the forefront of everything we do.

BGE Automotive Core Principals

Our Values

Education and Local Economy

Education is crucial and today’s engineering students are the future of our industry.

We are building strong relationships with local colleges and universities and we strive to provide opportunities for graduates to start their career in the automotive industry with BGE Automotive.


This helps to drive the economy in our region and we are committed to providing well paid technical employment in our community.

BGE Automotive is dedicated to a sustainable future.

We take a “people” and “planet” approach and have blueprinted our strategy using the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals and the

From reducing our vehicle and energy usage, to education equality and infrastructure, we are dedicated to a better future for everyone.


We are proud to have committed to the Business Wales Green Growth Pledge and Equality Pledge. This is a long term commitment to growing our business sustainably.

As part of this commitment we are now a Disability Confident and a Living Wage accredited employer.

BGE Automotive Sustainability Pledges


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